ePay Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Previously, I had separate accounts for my support and individual products. Now everything is under one. Why?

Answer: We have combined your accounts for your convenience. Now you no longer have to manage multiple billing accounts. You will be able to see and pay all invoices with one payment method and under one ePay log-in.

Question: My eClaims and other products were previously charged to my credit card and my support maintenance was debited from my checking account. Now all charges are coming from my checking account. Why?

Answer: When your payment accounts were consolidated, the payment information from your eServices account did not carry-over and you are limited to a single payment method for reoccurring charges. Should you wish to update the payment method on-file for your account, please go to ePay.dentrix.com or contact our Billing Department at 800-336-8749.

Question: I am trying to see my payment history and charges for the last 3 months but the information in ePay doesn’t show everything. Where can I find my payment history for eClaims or QuickBill?

Answer: Any invoice for eServices products, including eClaims, Attachments, QuickBill, eCentral or Patient Engage, dated prior to November 30, 2018, will be available at esrvepay.dentrix.com. Any history after November 30, 2018, will be available at epay.dentrix.com. If you are unable to retrieve your account history at either site, please contact or billing team at 800-336-8749 or billing@henryscheinone.com.

Question: I used to receive separate statements - one for eServices and one for Support. Why am I just getting one now?

Answer: Because your billing accounts are now consolidated so are any statements that would be mailed.

Question: I had a log-in for eServices ePay but I can’t log in to the consolidated site with my credentials. What should I do?

Answer: It is a possibility that you don’t have an ePay account or need to reset your credentials. If you can’t log-in at https://epay.dentrix.com/Account/Login, please contact the Henry Schein Practice Solutions Billing Team at 800-336-8749, via e-mail at billing@henryscheinone.com or by using our click-to-chat tool.

Include the following information when you call or email. This information is listed on your statement.

  • Registered Phone Number
  • Account Number

You will be asked to provide an email address during the registration process. This email address will only be used for billing communications and not for marketing purposes.

Question: I just updated my payment information for eServices but my old card is still being charged. Why?

Answer: It’s likely that when you updated your payment information, you only updated it for eServices. When systems were combined, the payment option defaulted to the one you previously had on-file for support. To change the payment on file, log-in to ePay at https://epay.dentrix.com/Account/Login or contact our Billing Team 800-336-8749, via e-mail at billing@henryscheinone.com or by using our click-to-chat tool.

Question: What payment option do we have on file?

Answer: You can view any credit cards you have on-file by logging into our ePay system. Once you are logged in to ePay, go to the Wallet. If you have a card selected for reoccurring payments, it will indicate “default”. If you need to update/add the CC on file you can do that here.

If you need to register for ePay, or are having trouble logging in, please contact our Billing Department at 800-336-8749, billing@henryscheinone.com or feel free to use our click-to-chat tool.

NOTE: ** Updating a CC on file will take care of any FUTURE charges. Any open invoices on the account will have to be processed manually and can be done under "Make Payment" **