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Every aspect of managing your dental business is improved when your technology connects, shares data and streamlines the digital workflow. More tasks are simplified and automated, giving you more time to focus on the patient.

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Check out how "connected" practice management, marketing and patient engagement solutions speed up digital workflows, automate tasks and improve the patient experience.


What Users Are Saying About Us


Made things so much easier

"Dentrix Ascend has made things so much easier. And during the pandemic, it was absolutely a lifesaver.”

Amanda Bell, Business Manager, Bell Family Dentistry

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Dentrix Makes It Easy

"Each person in my office has a job they focus on and there is a portion of the software (Dentrix) that makes it easy for them to do that part of their job.”

Dr. Dan Butterman, DMD, Butterman Dental

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TechCentral is Really Helpful

"Having a partner like TechCentral is really helpful because they are always on top of it. They are always available. Having them as an expert is really really helpful.”

Lee Plutzer, DDS, Tudor City Dental

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