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Build Your Public Health Practice’s Reputation

Your Dental Program is Unique

Your top priority is providing life-improving care to as many people as you can. Get in touch with and extend your helping hand further into the communities you serve by optimizing your online reputation and enhancing communications.

Streamline Your Efforts

Overcome the unique communication challenges of your public health organization by effectively marketing your dental program.


By centralizing your communications and marketing procedures, you help your staff easily reach more people in less time, allowing you to offer higher levels of care and in turn increase revenue.

Better Communication

With efficient communication tools like two-way texting and automated messaging, your front office staff can stop spending hours on the phone and instead focus on improving patient experiences.

Improved Website

First impressions are everything. Choose from professional click-to-fill templates and easily create an appealing landing page that effectively communicates your practice’s mission.

Patient Marketing Solutions


Bring In More Patients

Using the latest in marketing technology not only simplifies professional communication, but it helps more patients find you and improves each step of their patient journey.

Make Marketing Easy

Set up campaigns to your preference then deploy autonomous communication with your patients, freeing up valuable staff time to focus on other tasks.

Boost Productivity

Lighthouse 360 saves your staff time by automating tedious tasks so you can focus on more productive activities and serving your patients.

Keep Your Chairs Full

Reduce no-shows, fill last-minute cancellations and increase case acceptance with automated communication from Lighthouse 360.

Strengthen Relationships

Create personalized patient engagement experiences — with attractive, convenient emails to custom lists of patients and more — while freeing up time to build meaningful, lasting connections.


Lighthouse 360

This product offers a virtual waiting room and easy-to-use automation features, from messaging patients to collecting and posting reviews to Google, Facebook and other major sites.


Demandforce is the all-in-one patient communication system that helps your practice increase profitability by engaging existing patients, reactivating lost patients and attracting new patients with innovative strategies and automated tools.

Sesame Web Design

Custom-designed specifically for the dental industry, Sesame Elite Websites are built to drive more engagement with features that appeal to both current and prospective patients.


Help more patients get the care they need by showing them the benefits of a DentalPlans.com savings plan. It’s quick and easy, and works with 30+ savings plan networks. The patient pays your office directly with no limits on procedures.