Business Tools for Public Health Dental Programs

Streamline and Inform Workflows With Analytics

In a public health dental program, every wasted minute means less time to provide care. Dentrix Enterprise provides the tools you need to comply with regulations, qualify for funding and get back to what matters: serving your communities.

Compile Data and Reports

Our dental management tools, including centralized reporting, give you exactly what you need, all in one place.

Centralized Reports

Get all providers and clinics on the same page. Pulling data from all ends of your organization, Dentrix Enterprise provides detailed, centralized reporting, from required to fully customizable reports.

Integrated Services

Dentrix Enterprise integrated services and other add-on products help you manage efficiencies in your complex organization so you can meet your goals your way.

Built-In Support

Dentrix Enterprise includes access to flexible, customized support plans with benefits like on-demand practice education, technical support and our robust Online Knowledge Base.

Learn How our Practice Management Systems Offer Sustainability


Centralize and Streamline with Ease

Designed for your unique needs, Dentrix Enterprise comes equipped with tools and services that combine data from every site in your network — all with the goal of freeing more of your time and energy so you can focus on providing quality care.

The Productivity
You Need

Don’t settle for a solution designed for medical doctors. Get a best-in-class solution designed specifically for dental providers. With Dentrix Enterprise you benefit from a proven dental workflow that standardizes clinical procedures and office processes.

Streamline Workflows

Every minute counts — our best-in-class, dental-specific workflow is designed specifically for public health dental needs, by standardizing processes and helping you see more patients in less time.

Robust Reporting

Track fiscal stability, staff efficiency, patient demographics and more. Compile this data into productivity, Uniform Data System (UDS) and compliance reports.


Increased efficiency frees up time to provide excellent care, which can in turn lead to more funding. When you centralize and streamline your processes, you create a sustainable financial cycle.


Dentrix Enterprise eClaims

eClaims simplifies the dental insurance claim process, so you can get paid faster. With a few clicks, your electronic claims are created, validated and electronically sent to your payors.

Dentrix Enterprise Quickbill

Now you have all the control of dental billing statements without the hassle of manual paper assembly or inventory, letting you send automated printed statements directly to patients.

Dentrix Enterprise Pay

This makes it easier and faster for your team to get paid at the time of service, with all payments automatically posting to the Ledger, so you can easily track and manage revenue.


AxiaMed makes it easier and faster to get paid at the time of service, with all payments automatically posting to the Ledger, so you can easily track and manage revenue.

Jarvis Analytics

Turn your practice management data into actionable insights with Jarvis Analytics – the most complete dental analytics platform. Our powerful tools and dashboards will improve your decision making and performance.