Increase Profitability With Better Revenue Management

Take Control With Powerful RCM Tools

Increase profits with more accurate billing, efficient claims management, faster collections and other automated office solutions for your periodontic practice.

Save Time

Revenue management tools automate time-consuming processes, saving staff time and improving bookkeeping accuracy.

Accelerate the Claims Process

eClaims simplifies the insurance claim process so you can get paid faster. With a few clicks, create, validate and send claims to your payors with attachments like digital X-rays and photographs.

Ledger Accuracy

With color coding, verify at a glance that a claim has been processed and paid correctly. You’ll know immediately if the right payment allowances were applied and that no procedures were improperly denied.

Track Claims

eClaims can help you track your electronic claims from inception to reimbursement. Get instant, real-time claim status information and detailed history reports without ever picking up the phone.

Revenue Maximizing Practice Management Software
for Periodontists


Maximize Your Revenue Potential With PerioVision

With eClaims integration and built-in electronic EOB features, PeroVision can help manage and shorten your revenue cycle. PerioVision includes current ADA, UB-04 and CMS-1500 claim forms and offers line item posting of electronic explanation of benefits.