Better Revenue Management For Increased Profits

Maximize Your Revenue Potential With OMSVision

Increase profits with efficient claims management, more accurate billing, faster collections and other office solutions for your oral surgery practice. With eClaims integration and electronic EOB features, OMSVision helps manage your revenue cycle.

Simplify RCM

Revenue management tools automate time-consuming processes, saving staff time and improving bookkeeping accuracy.

Accelerate Payment

eClaims streamlines the insurance claims process so you can get paid faster. In minutes, you can create, validate and send claims to your payors with attachments like digital X-rays and photographs.

Improve Accuracy

EOBs are automatically connected to their matching procedure with color coding that lets you verify at a glance if a claim has been processed and paid correctly.

Track Claims

eClaims can help you track your electronic claims from inception to reimbursement. Reduce calls to insurance companies with real-time claim status information and detailed history reports.

Revenue Maximizing Practice Management Software
for Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons


Maximize Your Revenue Potential With OMSVision

With eClaims integration and built-in electronic EOB features, OMSVision can help manage and shorten your revenue cycle. OMSVision includes current ADA, UB-04 and CMS-1500 claim forms and offers line item posting of electronic explanation of benefits.

What Users Are Saying About Us

OMSVision made us chartless.

We have all four offices, all four doctors, and the entire staff chartless since day one with OMSVision."

Michelle Tracy, Practice Manager

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We love the OMSVision EMR.

I love the EMR – that's probably one of the best features of OMSVision. You have access to that patient’s chart 24 hours a day 7 days a week."

Wendy Beard, Practice Manager

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OMSVision gives quick access to imaging.

The software allows us to quickly bring up the imagining to show how we’re going to remove a tooth or take care of a tumor and the patients really like that."

Dr. Jay Malmquist, Founder and Owner

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