Integrated Clinical Software Solutions for Groups

Clinical Tools That Connect Workflows

Decrease the time and effort needed to manage your group practice by increasing clinical efficiencies through connected workflows, like imaging software that sends billing codes directly to your ledger and a single record for providers and patients.

Henry Schein One Can Help

With enhanced dental workflows, Henry Schein One offers tools and solutions to streamline your clinical practice.

Digital Convenience

Paperless automation reduces costs and improves productivity. Go paperless — in the cloud or on a central server — with digital dental records, clinical notes, exam forms, medical histories and images.

Hassle-Free Records

Patient records follow patients no matter which location or provider they see within a group practice. This patient-centric focus creates efficiencies that save time and money — while reducing stress.

Custom Charting

Easy-to-use and customizable patient charting helps to streamline clinical workflows, including the ability to group related procedures together to make data entry simpler.

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Streamline With Dentrix Ascend Clinical Tools

Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based solution, so you can use any internet-capable device, from a tablet to a Mac or PC. It offers automatic backup and tracking, along with customizable templates and shortcuts to improve clinical efficiency.


A Centralized Practice Management Solution

Dentrix Enterprise is the industry-leading solution for large-group and multisite dental practices, centralizing and streamlining data with ease to help you maximize efficiency and profitability.

Elevate Your Practice to the Cloud with Dentrix Ascend

Break free from software hassles and come with us to the cloud. Spend less time managing your practice and more time caring for your patients.

Meeting Your Unique Needs

Dentrix Enterprise helps you manage the complexities of your multilocation practice, improving efficiency and productivity as you grow and scale.

Quick Exam

Dentrix Ascend Quick Exam delivers a smooth workflow, letting you rapidly document baseline charting for a new patient’s full exam and helping to make re-establishing previous patients quick and easy.

Treatment Planner

Quickly create a dental treatment plan chart with built-in templates and descriptions, automatically tracking plan acceptance, scheduling and progress.

Chairside Dashboard

One powerful dashboard offers quick access to essential patient information in a single view, so you don’t have to keep switching tabs while working on a patient.


Dentrix Ascend Imaging

With this integrated solution, images upload to the cloud the instant they are acquired. Upgrades and backups are automatic, with no additional software or bridges needed.

Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe

This solution electronically transmits prescriptions to pharmacies, making it more convenient for you and your patients. It also checks instantly for drug-to-drug interactions and more.

Centralized Records

One database for dental records means that you never have to duplicate information or contact different offices to get what you need, increasing efficiency and productivity across your organization.

Clinical Notes

Efficient clinical notes allow you to keep accurate and thorough documentation for every procedure performed, and you can store information that is not specific to a procedure.

Clinical Efficiency

Robust tools and integration boost efficiency. With the Patient Chart, you can capture and manage important clinical information, and completed procedures are automatically posted in the Ledger.


Dentrix Enterprise ePrescribe

Electronically write and transmit prescriptions, increasing convenience for you and your patients and reducing the risk of errors.

What Users Are Saying About Us

Case Study

We centralized on Dentrix Enterprise.

"One of the biggest benefits of using Dentrix Enterprise is how we are able to offer centralized support for our 10 offices."

Hillary Smedley, Vice President of Operations, Genesis Dental & Orthodontics

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Dentrix Enterprise is best in class.

"To have the best in class system, has been absolutely a blessing. For the first time it's not a barrier. Cost does not become a barrier to growth."

Farren Hurwitz, Health Choice Network

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Dentrix Enterprise is the way to go.

"If your goal and your vision is to grow, whether you call it a DSO or just have multiple locations, then Dentrix Enterprise is the way to go"

Philip Toh, CEO, The Smilist

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What Users Are Saying About Us

Case Study

Dentrix Ascend is easy to use.

"If you’re looking for something fast and efficient, something workable without glitches or navigation problems, something truly easy to use, it’s Dentrix Ascend."

Dr. Gina F. Delia, DMD

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Dentrix Ascend is easy to learn.

"Learning Dentrix Ascend was very easy. I hadn’t had any practice with [dental] programs before and within two weeks I was able to have everything figured out."

Anton Sapozhnikov, Office Manager, Jackson Square Dentistry

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Dentrix Ascend improved efficiencies.

"We went from absolutely nothing to the most efficient practice I've ever worked in because of Dentrix Ascend."

Kristina Large, Office Manager, La Jolla Family Dentistry

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