Flexible Financial Models as Unique as Your DSO

Financial Models That Fit Your Business Objectives

We offer both CapEx and OpEx dental business management models to help every organization get the most from working with our leading solutions because you need flexible financial operating models as distinctive as your dental service organization.

Your Business Is Unique

Your solutions should be too. We offer software purchase and monthly subscription models to meet your DSO’s unique needs.

Payment Flexibility

Choose between a monthly subscription model or upfront payment, depending on the needs of your DSO.

No Equipment Required

Dentrix Ascend offers a convenient monthly subscription with no need to purchase expensive new servers or network equipment.

Certified Meaningful Use

Dentrix Enterprise is certified for Meaningful Use, allowing you to offset your investment.

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Management Simplified

Modernize your practice with cloud-based Dentrix Ascend, the flexible solution accessible from any internet-connected device. Enjoy an easy-to-learn interface with up-to-date, affordable software as a service (SaaS).


Centralized Management in One Powerful Package

Dentrix Enterprise is the industry-leading solution for large-group and multisite dental practices, centralizing and streamlining your data to help maximize the efficiency and profitability of your DSO.

Options to Fit Your Business Goals

Dentrix Ascend meets the unique needs of your growing DSO with flexible financial options and tools to help increase the value of your organization.

Options to Fit Your Business Goals

Dentrix Enterprise meets the unique needs of your growing DSO with flexible financial options and tools to help increase the value of your organization.

Simplified Accounting

Streamline your accounting process with detailed, line-item accounting in Dentrix Ascend, which keeps income and expenses organized.


Because Dentrix Ascend is entirely cloud-based, there is no need to maintain expensive servers or network equipment. Use any internet-connected device, from a tablet to a Mac or PC.

Features and Tools

Your monthly subscription to Dentrix Ascend includes all the features and tools necessary to run your practice, as well as the option to purchase additional apps for even more functionality.

Perpetual Software

Purchasing an on-premises central database can be ideal for DSOs looking to make an immediate capital expenditure to update their practice management solution.

Monthly Subscription

For DSOs that prefer a recurring operational expense, Dentrix Enterprise offers a monthly subscription plan that allows a pay-as-you-go approach.

Added EBITDA Value

With Dentrix Enterprise, you benefit from one practice management system for all locations, which can increase the value of your DSO’s operating performance.


Flexible Financial Solutions

We’re here to help you with flexible low-rate financing options, including equipment/technology financing and leasing, project financing, working capital loans and more.

Patient Financing Made Easy

Help put the dental care you recommend within reach of your patients with patient financing from CareCredit.

What Users Are Saying About Us

Case Study

We centralized on Dentrix Enterprise.

"One of the biggest benefits of using Dentrix Enterprise is how we are able to offer centralized support for our 10 offices."

Hillary Smedley, Vice President of Operations, Genesis Dental & Orthodontics

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Dentrix Enterprise is best in class.

"To have the best in class system, has been absolutely a blessing. For the first time it's not a barrier. Cost does not become a barrier to growth."

Farren Hurwitz, Health Choice Network

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Dentrix Enterprise is the way to go.

"If your goal and your vision is to grow, whether you call it a DSO or just have multiple locations, then Dentrix Enterprise is the way to go"

Philip Toh, CEO, The Smilist

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What Users Are Saying About Us

Case Study

Dentrix Ascend is easy to use.

"If you’re looking for something fast and efficient, something workable without glitches or navigation problems, something truly easy to use, it’s Dentrix Ascend."

Dr. Gina F. Delia, DMD

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Dentrix Ascend is easy to learn.

"Learning Dentrix Ascend was very easy. I hadn’t had any practice with [dental] programs before and within two weeks I was able to have everything figured out."

Anton Sapozhnikov, Office Manager, Jackson Square Dentistry

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Dentrix Ascend improved efficiencies.

"We went from absolute nothing to the most efficient practice I've ever worked in because of Dentrix Ascend."

Kristina Large, Office Manager, La Jolla Family Dentistry

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