With all the advanced technology available to you, it's important you have experience on your side. TechCentral, by Henry Schein One, is the trusted technology partner of thousands of practices.

Leave Technology
to the Experts

TechCentral is your own personal IT department, created just for dentists. Trust our team of professionals to help you find and use the best solutions for your digital practice — so you can focus on dentistry again instead of IT hassles.

Your IT Solution

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that experience is on your side. Leave your digital worries and stress to the TechCentral pros.

Dentrix Enterprise


Omnicore is an all in one “computer network in a box,” fully built, maintained and licensed for your specific needs and managed by TechCentral for a low monthly cost with no surprises to your budget.


The experts at TechCentral can help you find the right computer systems and accessories to fit current and future needs — including monitors, scanners, printers and more.

Encrypted Data

Protect your precious data with cost-saving storage solutions. All servers are encrypted with Microsoft Bitlocker to help you protect against unauthorized access to lost or stolen data.

Critical Backup

Our Hybrid Backup service stores all your data locally and in the cloud for swift backup and recovery. IT techs are standing by to help you restore your system in an emergency with minimal data loss.


Protect yourself from criminal sources and provide evidence in lawsuits with TechCentral’s strategically located surveillance cameras that capture manual, scheduled and motion-triggered video.

What Users Are Saying About Us

TechCentral is safety, piece of mind.

"Having the safety and piece of mind that there is a whole army of technology experts who have my back is just awesome!"

Tamara Whitley, Co-Owner, Whitely Family Dental

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TechCentral knows dental.

"I would recommend TechCentral as a permanent providor. You need someone who knows the dentals software and knows the unique needs of a Dental Office. I'm comfortable knowing TechCentral takes care of that for us."

Brad Ernst, CIO, RGV Dental

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TechCentral is a partner.

"Having a partner like TechCentral is really helpful because they are always on top of it. They are always available. Having them as an expert is really really helpful."

Dr. Lee Plutzer, DDS, Tudor City Dental

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