Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360 is the powerful, easy-to-use patient communication system that helps dental practices grow and succeed.

Patient Engagement Tools to Build Patient Relationships

Customize the look and feel of your patient communication with Lighthouse 360. Patient engagement tools and automated reminders help you stay connected, boost productivity and keep your schedule full.

Patient Communication Made Simple

Lighthouse 360 makes patient communication easy so you can keep chairs full.

Reduce No-Shows & Recall Time

Automatic appointment and recall reminders help patients remember their upcoming appointments. Lighthouse 360 saves you time by sending patient confirmations directly to your practice management system. Lighthouse 360 reduces no-shows by 40% on average.

Cancellation Fill-In

Cancellation? No problem. When Lighthouse 360 detects a last-minute opening, it automatically helps find a patient to fill the empty slot, keeping you more productive.

Paperless Forms

Lighthouse 360 sends patients their health forms and disclosures to complete right on their smartphone. Reduce time and effort for your staff while providing a convenient patient experience.

Patient Reviews

Build relationships with new and current patients by offering ways for patients to share their positive experiences online. Lighthouse 360 connects with Google, Facebook and other major social sites.

Treatment Reminders

Increase case acceptance and boost revenue with automated treatment reminders. Lighthouse 360 can send email and/or postcard reminders to patients who have not scheduled recommended treatment.

Daily Task List

Start each morning fresh. Lighthouse 360 sends you a daily email containing a convenient front desk task list and smart recommendations to keep you organized and productive.