Edge Cloud

Edge Cloud is truly an all-in-one Orthodontic software with features from animations to workflows and everything in between.

A Tradition of Excellence

Ortho2 has nearly 40 years of experience in orthodontic practice management software, making it a leader in the industry. Edge Cloud, Ortho2’s cloud-based solution, is the latest innovation that thousands of orthodontists trust in their practice.

See the Edge Cloud Difference

Edge Cloud is truly unique in its offerings. Whether you are an established practice, a new graduate or part of a DSO, Edge Cloud is tailored to your practice.

Comprehensive Features

Edge Cloud is truly an all-in-one package with everything you need to run a successful practice. With features from animations to workflows, you don’t have to worry about third-party integrations.

Speed and Security

There’s fast, and then there’s Edge Cloud fast. There’s security, then there’s Edge Cloud Data Center security. Ortho2 makes it our number one priority to keep your uptime at a maximum.

Constant Innovation

We are always working on new features. Whether it’s scheduling patients online, allowing responsible parties to adjust contract terms or conducting virtual appointments, the innovations never stop.

What Users Are Saying About Us


Ortho2 offers advanced features.

"I've used Ortho2 since the inception of my practice. Ortho2 consistently delivers the most advanced and robust features in the industry."

Dr. Christy Fortney, Escondido, CA

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Edge Cloud sets the bar.

"I've been with Ortho2 for over 30 years, and Edge Cloud continues to set the bar for practice management systems."

Dr. Dave Paquette, Mooresville, NC

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Edge Cloud works better for multisites.

"When we decided to change management systems, we did our due diligence. Ortho2's Edge Cloud offers a platform that we felt worked better for our multiple practices than any other we looked at."

Dr. Glenn Krieger, Lewisville, TX

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