Dentrix Enterprise

Manage the complexities of your multilocation practice or health center, improving efficiency and productivity with a preferred, dental-specific workflow.

Maximize Efficiency and Profitability as You Grow

Every minute counts in your group practice. When you choose Dentrix Enterprise as your practice management software, you can centralize your operations, streamline your data and help maximize efficiencies across all locations.

The Productivity You Need

Centralizing operations and standardizing procedures helps staff at every site get more done in less time.

Dentrix Enterprise

One Robust Database

Dentrix Enterprise is designed to scale with the growth of your practice, making it easy to add additional locations to your organization as you grow.

Centralized Records

With Dentrix Enterprise, your patient records are accessible at each of your group practice’s sites—any provider can treat any patient at any location.

Connect Sites

Since your data, patient information and locations are all in one database, you can standardize your front office, operations, accounting and clinical procedures for the entire practice.

Achieve Simplicity

Your group practice is by definition complex. Dentrix Enterprise helps your team streamline its efforts, with each site operating independently while sharing practice information in a central database.

Boost Efficiency

Centralization and standardization reduce expenses for your group practice, and they bring your staff onto the same page, helping them get more done in less time.

Improve Cash Flow

Get paid faster and benefit from improved Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) when you standardize insurance claim processes, billing and patient payments to simplify collections.

What Users Are Saying About Us

Case Study

We centralized on Dentrix Enterprise.

"One of the biggest benefits of using Dentrix Enterprise is how we are able to offer centralized support for our 10 offices."

Hillary Smedley, Vice President of Operations, Genesis Dental & Orthodontics

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Dentrix Enterprise is best in class.

"To have the best in class system, has been absolutely a blessing. For the first time it's not a barrier. Cost does not become a barrier to growth."

Farren Hurwitz, Health Choice Network

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Dentrix Enterprise is the way to go.

"If your goal and your vision is to grow, whether you call it a DSO or just have multiple locations, then Dentrix Enterprise is the way to go"

Philip Toh, CEO, The Smilist

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