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We believe in dental practice websites that get results. Dental practices that use Officite websites rank higher in search engine rankings, have stronger online images, and earn more patients and more referrals.

  • Web Design
  • Search Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Patient Education
  • Call Tracking
  • Doctor Portal

Customizable Design

An Officite website helps your stand out and enables visitors to remember you when they're ready to make an appointment – not the five other websites that all looked the same.

Responsive and Mobile-Ready

If you have a smartphone, you've experienced the frustration of a website that wasn't designed for a small screen. Pinching and zooming, text too small to read, awkward menus not designed to work with touch – these are all ugly side effects of a site that isn't up to web standards. With a full suite of responsive designs and mobile sites that work at all screen sizes, your Officite website will wow your patients on any device.

Practice Details

Nothing is more frustrating to a potential patient than not being able to find the vital information they need. Our sites make it easy for visitors to quickly find maps, directions, office hours, and detailed educational content.

Easy Site Editing

Officite gives you the freedom to make content edits quickly and easily, and to stay in your comfort zone. Not interested in editing your site yourself? Simply send your content to our skilled team, and we'll edit the site for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your website to be found online, search engine optimization is the key to standing out from your competition. SEO helps your website rank better in search engine results and increases your online visibility.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Instantly increase your online visibility and when executed by our Search Engine Marketing specialists, can be a great return on your investment by delivering new patients directly to your website.

Better Together

SEO and PPC combined make the difference between your website being buried pages back to appearing where patients will actually see it. Officite can help you develop a comprehensive program that produces results while accommodating your budget. As a Google Partner, our search marketing team has the expertise to get the best results for your practice.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Online reputation is the new word-of-mouth. Most consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This makes your online reputation vital to the success of your practice. If your patients are going to trust online reviews about your practice, you want them to read positive reviews.

Review Management Tools

Easily collect reviews from your patients with on-site widgets and survey tools making it simple for patients to leave a positive review you'll be proud to share.

Monitor Online Reviews in Real-Time

Get notified when someone mentions your practice on major sites like Google+, Yelp, and Healthgrades. Automatically post the best testimonials directly to your website.

Protect Against Fraudulent Reviews

Separate real reviews from reviews that are fraudulent and never let a fake review hurt your online reputation again.

Track Your Performance

Analyze your performance and track Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Compare your performance with your competitors to see how you measure up.

Improve the Patient Experience Before They Reach Your Doors

Most patients will first find your practice online outside of your website. We allow you to take control of your practice listings across 60+ major search engines, social networks, apps, and healthcare directories. Many patients find information about your practice outside of your main website. Inaccurate data leaves patients with a frustrating experience and may result in them choosing another practice.

Increase Your Search Rankings

Accurate contact information is a ranking factor on search engines like Google. Ensure that your listings are consistent to help your website rise up in search rankings.

Remove Manual Submissions

Properly manage your location data to remove manual update processes and ensure patients will find your practice everywhere they search.

Social Media Marketing for Your Practice

More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers. Social media networks like Facebook represent a vast referral network of patients for your practice. Establishing a social media presence for your practice gives you an opportunity to reach new patients.

Build Your Profile

We'll design your Facebook page with custom colors and banners representing your practice.

Regular Postings

We work with you to create custom social media posts designed to increase engagement with your patients so you have approval over the content we post.

Seamless Integration

Social buttons on your practice website and blog make it easy for patients to connect with you on your Facebook page.

Custom Blogging

Our team of writers research, customize, and create blog posts unique to your healthcare specialty or practice.

Educational Content Tailored to Your Practice

Patient Education featured on your practice website helps your anxious patients by providing them with accurate articles on services and procedures. Improve patient knowledge can help quell any worries they may have about a procedure. Your educational articles can be edited and customized by using our intuitive site editor. A practice website enriched with valuable education can lift your site's search engine rankings and help establish you as an online resource.

What is Call Tracking?

Officite's Call Tracking system allows you to record incoming calls from prospective new patients. From your Doctor Portal, you'll have access to all the conversations your patients have with your staff. Listening in will give you vital insight into your practice's health and performance. Call Tracking Plus introduces concierge-level service to the equation. Every month, your calls will be reviewed and analyzed. You'll receive a call to discuss results, including strengths and areas for improvement.

Track Conversion Rates

What percentage of callers actually schedule, and then show up to appointments? Call Tracking makes it easy to find out.

Monitor Call Volume

How many calls do you receive in a month? How does that compare with previous years? Knowing helps you develop an appropriate strategy.

Evaluate Staff Performance

Is your front desk inadvertently turning callers away? Put your mind at ease. Listen in, find out, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Manage Your Online Presence

Officite's exclusive Doctor Portal, makes it easier than ever before to manage your practice website. From one intuitive system, you can edit your website, monitor its performance and even track, and manage patient appointments. Whether you're starting out with a new website or are highly experienced, our innovative Doctor Portal is simple to use.

Web Stats

View the key web statistics to see how your website is doing across days, months, quarters and years. From the number of daily site visitors to which pages visitors are viewing, you can see just how effective your practice website is.

Site Editor

Whether you want to add copy, add a staff photo, or update your blog, you can easily and quickly make changes to your website whenever you need to. The site editor and site editing tutorials can be accessed through the Doctor Portal. Or, simply request a change with our production team and we'll make the changes for you.

Patient Appointments

View, track, and manage appointment requests from the Doctor Portal. Instantly know when a patient requests or cancels an appointment with alerts sent to you automatically. Never miss an appointment again.


Access support information, including educational articles and video tutorials on the Doctor Portal's features. If you still need assistance, simply request support through our ticketing system. Our team will reach out to you shortly for assistance.

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