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From marketing communications to reputation management and appointment reminders to listing management, Demandforce’s all-in-one integrated solutions are everything you need to elevate your patient communication experience.

  • Marketing Communications
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Reputation Management
  • Listing Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Patient Portal

Retain Your Existing Patients

The majority of dental practices generate more than half of their annual revenue from repeat patients. Automated marketing can help keep your patients coming back for more.

Timing is Everything

That old adage applies to your marketing communications. Our marketing automation tools make it possible to reach out to patients when they’re due for routine and recommended services.

Strategic Campaigns

It's no secret that it costs significantly less to retain an existing patient than to acquire a new one. Our pre-built, professional email marketing templates can help you bring back current patients for routine care and recommended services, and even reactive lost patients who are long overdue for their next visit.

Email Newsletters

Stay top-of-mind and engage your patients between visits with an email newsletter professionally designed specifically for your practice. Our email newsletter service is updated regularly with relevant promotions and seasonal content, all ready-to-send with a click of a button. And with over half of all email now opened on a mobile device, we make sure every email newsletter looks great on phones and tablets.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your patients, assuming you have their email addresses. Missing email addresses? Our email finder can help fill in the blanks.

Email Reminders

Email a friendly appointment reminder in advance of each upcoming appointment. At setup, you determine when and how patients should be contacted, and we do the rest – it’s that easy.

Mobile Friendly

Half of all email is now opened on a mobile phone – make sure yours look good on a small screen. Our appointment reminder template is easy to read no matter what device your patients use.

Google Now & Passbook

Email reminders work with Passbook and Google Now so appointment information appears automatically in these smartphone apps to help ensure your patients get there on time.

Text Alerts

Automatically send a day-of text message so your patients doesn't forget about you. In today’s mobile world, text messages it’s no surprise that text messages are read almost immediately so you can be sure the appointment reminder is seen.

Reply to Confirm

Two-way text messaging lets patients reply “C” to confirm appointment. So you can have total confidence that they’re coming.

Two-Way Texting

Easily text back and forth with your patients. Get notifications and respond directly in your Demandforce Dashboard, saving you valuable time and streamlining the conversation to one medium.

Automated Voice Reminders

Don’t have a patient’s email address or cell phone number? No problem. Now you can reach 100% of your patient base with automated phone calls.

Want to hear what it sounds like?

Scheduling Software Synchronization

Appointment reminder software that integrates seamlessly with your existing management system.

Set it and forget it

Demandforce connects to whatever appointment scheduling software you already use and sends reminders out like clockwork. The appointment reminder system constantly checks for changes — as often as every five minutes — so it’s always up to date.

It goes both ways

And it’s not just a one-way street. With two-way sync, when a patient confirms in Demandforce, that appointment confirmation is written back to select management systems so you can see everything in one place.

Intelligent Reviews

Review management can be flexible with the ability to turn on or off the review sites you want your patient feedback sent to.

Have more control

Refine your reputation strategy by allocating what percentage of patient reviews you want sent to each site.

Expand your online presence by sending your patient reviews to sites like Yelp, WebMD, Vitals and more.

Satisfaction Surveys

It all starts by delivering quality service in a reliable and professional manner. Show patients you care about giving them a great experience and value their feedback.

Actionable feedback

Automatically send a survey after each appointment. Get responses in real-time so you can take quick action to ensure patient satisfaction.

Measurable results

Gauge how your practice is performing over time with a private score. Gain insight on how to improve with standard and customizable questions.

Online Reviews

How you're perceived online is vital to your success. Positive ratings increase your visibility to potential patients, and let the world know your business is a gem.

Shine like a star

You can even showcase positive business reviews from patients on your website, Facebook page and business listing profiles. It's the equivalent of your name in lights!

Reputation Management Services

Our online reputation management tools make it easy to collect certified review from patients.

Review management

Did you know that simply asking for a review makes one in ten people more inclined to give one?* With Demandforce, you can automatically ask for a review after each appointment.

Real reviews from real patients

We can help protect your online reputation by ensuring practice reviews are factual and written by actual patients.

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool. Consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising.

Referral Program

Let us show you how to tap into your base of satisfied patients to grow your clientele with referral marketing. Every communication that Demandforce sends on your behalf includes a button to refer a friend to your practice. We target patients who have rated your business highly with a dedicated referral campaign. You can even offer incentives and rewards for referrals.

Sharing on Social Media

When patients submit positive feedback about your business, we encourage them to share the experience with their entire social network. We make it easy to post a link recommending your business on Facebook so their friends and family can connect with you in just one click.


Optimize your search engine ranking by bulk-updating 50+ business listings.

Easily scan your ‘online health’ for accurate and inaccurate information.

Expand your online reputation and expose your practice to a wider audience.

WebMD Enhanced Profile

Increased visibility

A WebMD Enhanced Profile places your practice in front of potential patients in your local area who represent 14 million monthly unique visits. Your business listing will rank in the top 3 spots on WebMD and on the first page of Google Search results.

Seamless sync

Your Enhanced Profile automatically syncs with Demandforce. Any leads from appointment requests, calls, or your Enhanced Profile will show up directly in the Demandforce portal.

Free Business Listings

Syndication Network

We feed your most up-to-date business information to popular consumer destinations, ensuring you have complete and accurate business listings on sites covering up to 95% of where local searches occur, including Google, Bing, Citysearch, and more!

Command Central

No need to enter and update your contact information and business hours on site after site — we’ll do it for you, automatically. Just log into your Demandforce portal to manage all your local business listings in a single place.

Enhanced Business Profile


We build you a customized profile for your business so you're ready to meet the public. Your Demandforce profile includes all the details prospective patients are looking for — like reviews, any special promotions, and online scheduling.


We’ll also provide you with widgets so patients can read testimonials, learn about any special offers, and request appointments on own website and even your Facebook page!.

Local Business Directory

Demandforce Local

As a Demandforce customer, you’re automatically included in our small business directory, where consumers seeking quality local service providers can find you. Our business listings are optimized for search engines, increasing your visibility from the moment you sign up.

Network Effect

Plus, we’ll cross-promote your business to local patients of non-competing businesses in a network nearly 30,000 strong. What better way than marketing to the locals in your neighborhood to bring new patients in the door? You can even post special offers, coupons and promotions in our local business directory in order to give prospects that extra push they may need to try out your practice.


Trackable phone numbers are assigned to your Demandforce Local page, email campaigns, and postcard campaigns. You can view these numbers and their assigned campaigns within your Demandforce portal.


Call Tracking will report the number of calls received to each trackable number and make a recording of the calls. Login to your Demandforce portal to view call log summaries and see useful caller data like: call duration, caller name, and campaign type.


Take advantage of Call Tracking data and call recordings to improve quality of service and identify service and selling opportunities. Review your calls, add tags, notes, and update call status to gain full transparency on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Know what’s driving your calls and grow your practice.

How will Call Tracking benefit my practice?

Track Campaign Performance

Identify which campaigns generated the most calls.

Gain valuable patient insights

Know more about who called you and why.

Improve customer service

Recordings help you coach on customer service and selling.

Grow your practice

Build on successful campaigns and improve how you respond to incoming calls!

Digital Sign Up

Easily invite patients to their personal portal via email. Keep information secure with a registration link that expires.

Appointment Dashboard

Give patients access to their past and upcoming appointments. Enhance their experience with the option to request or confirm an appointment.

Secure Messaging

Ensure your sensitive patient communications remain secure using our Patient Portal. Your messages will send patients directly to the portal to read more, while storing their information safely in our system.

Patient Forms

Send your patients digital forms for new patient intake, prescription refills and more. Let patients follow the status of forms they've submitted.

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